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Eclipse Event at Columbus-Belmont Columbus, KY


350 Park Road
Columbus-Belmont State Park
Columbus, KY 42032
Columbus-Belmont State Park, Columbus
Aug. 7-21
Columbus-Belmont State Park will have “Kids Solar Meals” on the menu at the Snack Bar beginning Aug. 7.  Meal will include hot dog or chicken nuggets, chips, drink and a toy.  Solar Meals will have information on the Solar Eclipse in the box.  There will be free ice cream after the Eclipse for everyone who has lunch from our Snack Bar, tours the Museum, or plays Mini Golf on that day, from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  Call park office for more information and camping availability, 270-677-2327 or email 

Cindy Lynch
Columbus-Belmont State Park,
350 Park Road,
Columbus, KY 42032
Phone: (270) 677-2327
Aug 7 - Aug 21, 2017