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James Harrod: The Battle for Kentucky Outdoor Drama


The Ragged Edge Community Theater produces this outstanding play in the James Harrod Amphitheater.  The play centers around Harrodsburg's founder, frontiersman, James Harrod and his group of men that came to what is today Kentucky in 1774 to start a new life.  They battled the elements, other settlers, each other but mostly the Natives to survive out here in the wilderness.  Come and see this action packed portrayal of how the first settlement of the west was started. We have worked hard to keep this play as historical accurate as possible while making it very entertaining.  Group discounts, lodging packages, and more await you in Harrodsburg this July. To purchase tickets online click here and for more information about the Ragged Edge Community Theater visit:

David Coleman
100 South College Street,
Harrodsburg, KY 40330
Phone: 859-734-3314
Jul 14, 2018  /  8:00 P.M.