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Nature Photography Weekend

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

Dates & Times
  • Apr 25 - Apr 27, 2014
         7:00 A.M. - Noon
7351 Highway 90,
Cumberland Falls State Resort Park,
Corbin, KY 40701
Phone: (606) 528-4121

Photographers can enjoy a 24 hour competion in both beginner and advanced classes.   Mollie Isaacs will be our guest speaker this year.  She will speak  Friday afternoon,  Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  Judging will take place on Sunday morning.  Cost is $ 35.00 per person.    Click here to dowload registration form (Adobe PDF)

Summary of the Weekend's Lectures

by Mollie Isaacs of Awake The Light Photo Workshops & Tours



The Fine Points of Photographic Competition

 Ever wonder how a judge’s mind works? Want to know why some images in competition do well and others do not? Want to get the inside scoop and improve your chances of doing better in competition? Then this is the program for you.

 In this fast-paced presentation you will get a glimpse inside a judge’s head and find out what makes it tick, what rings a judge’s chimes and what is a turn-off. Little tricks and tweaks can turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary one.

 You will see Before and After examples of how an image can go from boring to beautiful. And you will learn how to avoid some common pitfalls. 

 Mollie Isaacs is an experienced judge at every level including local camera clubs, regional, national, and international competitions. She will tell-all in this highly informative program. 


SATURDAY PROGRAM                                        MIGHTY MACRO

The Light and Free Approach to Creating Magnificent Macro Photographs of Flowers

 Macro is about as magical as photography can be. It allows us to see a world up close and personal that we did not know was there. It helps to build our creativity and our powers of observation.

 This program will introduce you to an entirely new way to create macro photographs of flowers. It is a simple approach that results in exquisite images that are easy to create. If you have been frustrated using a tripod or a focusing rail, if you feel tied down or weighed down by your equipment, if you want to feel free and light as you explore the world of macro, then this program will open your eyes.

 Learn all the techniques you’ll need, plus some new creative approaches. See examples that will stir your creative juices. You’ll be amazed at how such a simple approach can result in spectacular photographs.




Everyone is born creative. Somewhere along the line that inborn creativity gets buried, either because of thoughtless things adults say to children, or just from the pressures and responsibilities of growing up. This inspirational program will help you rediscover your creativity, your sense of wonder, that inner confidence that is still within each of us, lying dormant.

 You will learn some simple ways of finding your inner artist, and how to bring that side of you out in your photography. Learn how to break rules, think outside the box, and create superb images that may surprise you.  You will learn to find your style, your voice, and use those attributes to strengthen your photographs.

 Be prepared to throw off the shackles that have been holding you back, and find the photographer you were meant to be.


Bret Smitley
7351 HIghway 90,
Corbin, KY 40701
Phone: (606) 528-4121

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