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Firewood Policy

Purpose – The purpose of this firewood policy is to help deter the introduction of the Emerald Ash Borer into our state parks. The Emerald Ash Borer is a destructive exotic insect and has the potential of decimating ash tree species throughout the trees native range. Ash trees are significant forest and landscape component species in all our state parks and throughout Kentucky.

Import of Firewood into the State Parks

  • Firewood brought in from out-of-state is prohibited unless it is bundled, stamped USDA certified clean wood.
  • In –State firewood is prohibited from the quarantined counties in Kentucky as mandated by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture unless it is bundled, stamped USDA certified clean wood. This information is posted at:
  • Parks located within the quarantine area may allow firewood from within the quarantine area.
  • Campground staff is instructed to check campers at check-in to see if firewood is being brought in from a quarantined county or out of state.

Department Firewood Plan Beginning For 2010 Camping Season

  • The Department will establish a state wide contract for USDA certified firewood to be delivered and sold in all state park campgrounds.
  • The Department will implement an all inclusive ban on the import of firewood into the state parks unless it is bundled, stamped USDA certified clean wood.

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