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Although best known for the epic Civil War battle that occurred here, Perryville Battlefield is also a wildlife refuge that features a variety of wildlife and habitats. Approximately 1,000 acres of preserved land contains woodlands, grasslands, open prairie flowered grasslands and dense thickets where dozens of species of birds can be observed. The park has a dedicated “Bird Trail” that meanders through these habitats.
The park has over 15 miles of hiking trails that include both historic trails as well as nature trails. Perryville recently underwent a transformation from large hay fields into 700 acres of pristine habitat. On the park, you will encounter Kentucky native wildlife as well as see one of the most endangered habitats in the United States, open prairie flowered grasslands. These are very rare in the United States and we restored several of these areas within the park.
Numerous rare bird species use the grasslands at Perryville Battlefield for spring nesting habitats. Bobolinks and Henslow’s Sparrows can be seen along the “Bird Trail” as it winds its way along the grassy bottoms of Doctor’s Creek and Donelson’s Run. Migrating waterfowl are very visible on the creeks that run through Perryville during the fall. Winter is a great time to see the many raptor species that hunt in the open fields. One might even catch a glimpse of one of Kentucky’s most threatened bird species – the Barn Owl.
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Watch the video below for more views of the restored wildlife habitat area.

Gift Shop

For a memento of your visit to Perryville Battlefield, visit the Gift Shop, featuring Kentucky handcrafts, souvenirs, and a large selection of Civil War books.

Gift Shop Winter/Fall Hours

Nov 1 – December 23:
Wed-Sat 10:00-3:00
CLOSED Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23, 2017)
After December 23, please call 859-332-8631 or email
Gift Shop Spring/Summer Hours:

April 1 - October 31st
Monday - Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00
Sunday, 11:00 pm to 5:00


Enjoy the beautiful and historical grounds of the park on one of the self-guiding walking trails. Over 40 interpretive signs are part of the nearly 20-mile trail system. Pick-up a map at the museum. Thanks to the preservation successes of the battlefield, native plants and wildlife find a protected home here and also thrive. Recently Perryville Battlefield entered into a partnership with the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife in an effort to return 100 park acres back to its original appearance and re-introduce native habitat. So as you stroll back in time along Doctor’s Creek and past the cannons, you may also stumble upon some wild turkey, mink, deer, and numerous bird species, just as the soldiers did years ago.


The Civil War comes to life in the Perryville Battlefield Museum. Examine actual battle artifacts, a Civil War display, and a map with the layout of the battle.

Upon exiting the museum, be sure to stop by the Confederate monument nearby that was erected in 1902 and the Union monument added in 1931.

***Museum Winter Hours***
Nov 1 – December 23:
Wed-Sat 10:00-3:00
CLOSED Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23, 2017)
After December 23, please call 859-332-8631 or email
Admission: $4.00 for adults, $3.00 for children 7 through 12 (children 6 and under FREE)

Call the park office at 859-332-8631 to schedule your group tour.
Adult Group (10 or More) - $3.50/ea
Child Group (10 or More) - $2.50/ea


The park has a picnic shelter with rest rooms, tables, grills, and a playground for the enjoyment of visitors.