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Breaks Interstate Park



Breaks Interstate Park's accommodations range from cottages to campsites, from luxury cabins to lodge rooms with breath-taking views.

Here, learning once again to breathe deep in the sweet air of the Appalachians, we believe you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for - even when you hadn’t imagined it yet.

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180 million years ago, in an area now lying across Kentucky and Virginia, a vast inland sea receded, leaving in its wake a veritable cradle of botany. Meanwhile the river that is now Russell Fork got about the work of carving out an immense, spectacular gorge, renowned as the largest east of the Mississippi.

Fractal ferns, galax, colts foot, tea berries and a profusion of fungi and moss species dot an undergrowth of rich greens with their bright yellows, oranges and pinks.


BloggerThrough the dedicated work of our state park naturalists, Kentucky State Parks protect and preserve the natural beauty of Kentucky.

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Breaks Interstate Park
627 Commission Circle
Breaks, VA 24607
Phone: (276) 865-4413
Park Manager: Matt O'Quinn

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