family playing at campground

Backyard Camping Photo Contest

We want to see how you are staying #healthyathome while enjoying the great outdoors! Since COVID-19 has prompted Kentucky State Park campgrounds to temporarily close, we want to see how you are enjoying camping season in your own back yard!

Post your  photo in the comment HERE, in the section of our Kentucky State Parks Facebook Post between May 11 and May 25 for a chance to win one free night of camping! Feel free to tell us what you miss most about your favorite Kentucky State Park campground.

We’ll select our favorite most fun photos, then leave the final vote-off to our followers to choose two winners.


A Few Tips to make the Most of Your Backyard Camping Adventure
•    Everyone pitch in to pitch that tent!  Be sure to start early in the day, before it gets dark.
•    Make the inside cozy with blankets, yoga mats, or air mattresses under the sleeping bags and pillows. 
•    Make sure you have everything you need and set a rule of no going inside (except for potty breaks, of course)!
•    Necessities: 

  •      Battery (or solar)-powered lantern and a back-up batteries, flashlights Snacks!
  •      Be aware of your neighborhood’s fire restrictions before starting that fire pit. Your grill will work just fine too. Use a terracotta pot lined with aluminum foil and fill with charcoal for a mini fire pit for your s’mores.
  •     Camp food, utensils, plates
  •     A cooler & ice just like you were out at a campground
  •     Marshmallows, hot dogs, and sticks
  •     Bug Repellent
  •     Games—board games like Yahtzee or Scattergories and yard games like beanbag toss

•    String up some lights to illuminate your campsite with a soft glow
•    Make up a scavenger hunt ahead of time of unexpected things to be found in your yard (even if you have to plant some)! 

Fun Storytelling Ideas
•    Create a story together—one person begins the first few lines of a make-believe story and the storytelling proceeds around the campfire, with each player adding a few more lines to continue the story. Give yours a park twist by having your story take place in your favorite Kentucky State Park and let the adventures begin!

•    “Fortunately, Unfortunately (Kentucky State Parks Edition)”--the first player begins the story with a fortunate or positive statement. For example, “Fortunately, we got our favorite campsite at Nolin Lake last summer.” The next player contributes an unfortunate statement to continue the story, such as: “Unfortunately, the previous campers were a family of skunks!” Player three adds another positive statement, “Fortunately, they had a great time and did not get agitated and spray anything.” Player four adds another unfortunate statement, and so on. Play continues until the story comes to a logical conclusion.

Photo Tips
•    Make sure everyone is having fun!
•    Best if we can see some indication that you are in your backyard. Maybe just a hint of a house or garage at the edge of the photo.
•    Include your pets whether they would normally camp with you or not!
•    Show off your camp games or gear to give a sense of the whole set-up.