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Yoga Classes @ Barren River Lake State Park

  • Yoga Classes @ Barren River Lake State Park


Barren River Lake State Resort Park
1149 State Park Rd
Lucas, KY 42151

Take a breath, stretch your body, and rest your soul. This 1 hour yoga class will rove the park, finding a new beautiful view every week to help you find you balance. 


Classes are at 8:30 every Saturday morning. Locations rotate based on the following. 

1st Saturday of the month: Strathbarren Fied

2nd Saturday of the month: Sunset Cove Beach

3rd Saturday of the month: Picnic Area Next to the Marina

4th Saturday of the month: Glasgow Highland Games Field


Classes cost $10.

The opening special for August 11th is buy one, get one free. 

Lauren English
Phone: (859)285-7618
Sep 15, 2018  /  8:30 am - 9:30 am