Family Adventure Quest

What is it?

The F.A.Q. is a photo scavenger hunt of riddles to select from, depending on where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do. You may be searching for remnants of a railroad line, discovering 200-year-old footprints, re-creating an old photo, or just getting muddy.  It’s a great way to find cool things in parks you would not have noticed on our own. So grab your friends and your camera and explore state parks in a new way and at your own pace this year! Let your quest booklet serve as a guide to a year’s worth of adventures with your friends and family.

FAQ booklet$15 registration for a group of 2-6 people gets you:
• Booklet of Quests  
• F.A.Q. Sling Pack 
• F.A.Q. Measuring Tape 
• Exclusive Park Coupons
• Kentucky Visitor Guide
• Kentucky State Park Map/Brochure

You won’t need much gear for these expeditions, however all challenges will require use of a digital camera, and a bit of online research might help before heading out for some of them. In order to be eligible for prizes upon completion, quest photos will need to be submitted electronically, at a minimum of 3000 X 2400 pixel count (larger is even better!) on CD,  thumb drive (non-returnable), or via and mail in your booklet. This is not for camera phones unless yours has at l

east an 8MP camera and can produce the size noted above. Please note that “selfie mode” on cameras is smaller than regular, so check to see if you need to use an actual camera before you get started!


In 2019 you are presented with 26 quests statewide (plus some bonus opportunities).  Just nine of these quests are park-specific to five parks, so if you don’t want to visit one or two of those parks, you can still earn top prize. (But frankly, if you’re in it for the fun, you are going to want to do the park-specific quests!) The other two-thirds of your quests can be done at whichever Kentucky State Park you choose as long as it has the facility (trail, sign, resort, body of water, etc.) specified for the challenge.


The more quests you complete, the more you earn! 
Complete 10 or more correctly and receive a free night lodge room or campground stay at any park (Sun—Thurs.) plus free passes to park museums/house tours for each person on your team!
Complete 20 = $35 KY State Park Gift Card (plus the overnight stay and passes)
Complete 25 = $60 KY State Park Gift Card (plus the overnight stay and passes)


If planned out properly, you could win the first prize level (10 completed) by visiting just four parks. Thus, you could finish up in just a 2-3 weekends, or you could space out your experience over the whole year, finishing up in November. You can get started in January or you can wait until fall to start your journey. However, there are a couple quests that can only be completed between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and some parks have adjusted hours in the off-season, so plan accordingly if you are going for the top prize!



Click here to download the registration form today or call 502-564-2172 to request one by mail if you prefer to pay with a check.

Click here to register online with credit card ( $0.50 fee applies).

Quest packets are normally received within two weeks of payment. If you feel it is taking longer than expected to arrive please call 502-892-3352 for an update.  

We hope you enjoy your tour of Kentucky state parks and that each of your trips is full of fun and ideas for future getaways.