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Participant Feedback

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Read what past participants are saying about their FAQ experience:

“My family had so much fun! This is a wonderful idea to get families outdoors!”
                             Aquatic Dreams Hiking Team, 1st year--2016

“We will always participate. Great way to learn about Kentucky!”
  Tinker Time, 10th year!--2016

“We love the FAQ and we really appreciate the coupons! The quests that provide historical info are welcomed!”
Nature Trackers, 2nd year--2016

“Thank you, Parks! We love the quest. We enjoy the prizes, but we enjoy the memories even more. I scrapbook our park adventures every year, and those albums are such fun to look back on.”
  The May Team, 4th year—2016

“We really had fun and our team leader, Ryan, is a fourth grader this year so it helped him in his Kentucky Studies.”
       The Chamberlain McQuesters, 1st year--2016

“We love the FAQ. Thanks for bringing us outdoors. Many wonderful memories in our beautiful state.”
   Colley Creek Goofy Gophers (7th year!) 2016

 “Great journey! Our team grew by two by the end. We had a little boy placed with us and had a new baby. Look forward to them being part next year.”
                            Diddle Family, 2015 (4th year)
“Thanks so much for continuing this awesome program. We recommend it to everyone!”
                            Team JRW2 2015 (3rd year)

“Our family enjoyed exploring parts of our beautiful state that we may not have ever made time for. Thanks!”
                            Team Avengers, 2015 

“We loved doing this! Next year we are signing up much earlier.”
                            Team Schlesser, 2015 

“We had a great time! My kids would get so excited when I said we were going to do a “quest” that weekend. I became a little obsessed with going to as many parks as possible and doing every quest. We didn’t get to all of them this year. Can’t wait for next year!
                              Ivy Jones, 2014 

“We had a wonderful time. We look forward to 2015’s quest!  Thank you for helping us crate beautiful family memories”
                              Henderson Hikers, 2014 (2nd year)

“This was a great family activity. Our kids are 3 and 6 years old, and they had a lot of fun.  We often brought picnics, so the adventures were inexpensive too.  Thank you!”
                                 Team Hoops Lackey, 2013

“Love that there are levels of completion and prizes for each. Glad it’s not all or nothing
                                  Team Pauly D’s  2012

"Wow – what a great park system we have in our Commonwealth. My wife & I have been visiting a lot of them over the past couple years. We did the Family Adventure Quest with my mom and dad last year, and did our own this year. We had great fun! Just wanted to thank you guys for the good work you are doing for our parks and our people. We have a state park system that is the envy of the nation. 
                                  The Deans 2007