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"Seniors Experiencing & Enjoying Kentucky” or S.E.E.K. is a program that partners talented recreation/interpretive park staff with seniors to “experience and enjoy” our Kentucky State Parks. This is a successful and wonderful partnership.The program takes place primarily during the months of November through April, Sunday-Thursday. During these months, our talented staff can dedicate their time to guiding you through the unique features and attractions of our parks. The group must be a minimum of 20 guests. Please note that we do have parks who have the capability of working with S.E.E.K. groups throughout the entire year. These S.E.E.K. programs are subject to availability and higher rates. Programs designed for your group.

Our recreation/interpretive staff will work with your group to develop a program that combines both interest and needs. Some of our groups are “crafty”. Others want to visit the local attractions. And then, there are those who want to hike and canoe. We will make sure that everyone in your group is comfortable with the activities planned for your stay. They will naturally want to come back!