Kentucky Tourism

Firewood Policy

Purpose – The purpose of this firewood policy is to help deter the introduction of the invasive insect species into our state parks. Various destructive exotic insects have the potential of decimating our native tree species throughout Kentucky. Movement from state to state of the following destructive insects, the emerald ash borer, gypsy moth, hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA), Asian long-horned beetle must be halted for the health and safety of our forested lands. 

Import of Firewood into the State Parks

  • Firewood brought in from out-of-state is prohibited unless it is bundled, stamped USDA certified clean wood.
  • Firewood purchased in state (receipt of sale needed) is allowed.
  • Campground staff is instructed to check campers at check-in to see if firewood is being brought in from in state (receipt of sale needed) or is bundled, stamped USDA certified clean wood.
  • For a list of Kentucky businesses that sell USDA certified firewood CLICK HERE.