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Grayson Lake History

Established in 1970

Grayson Lake was a project of the Army Corps of Engineers, which began construction on an earth and rock filled dam in 1964 to help control the flood waters of the Little Sandy River. The dam also improved the water quality of the area. The lake is filled with an abundance of bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie, and trout. There are 74.2 miles of shoreline that has magnificent scenery. Some of the sandstone walls along the shore reach as high as 150 feet.

Grayson Lake is located in two Kentucky counties, Carter and Elliott. By 1968 the lake covered approximately a 1,500-acre seasonal pool. The Grayson Lake State Park consists of 1,512 acres. The name Grayson comes from the name of the county seat of Carter County, and is named in honor of Col. William Grayson, an officer who served under George Washington during the American Revolution.

The park opened in 1970 and quickly became a popular addition to the state park system. Grayson Lake has been an economic asset to both Carter and Elliott Counties. Carter County, formed in 1838, is also the home of Carter Caves State Park. Elliott County, formed in 1869, has rolling hills and mountainous terrain. Part of Grayson Lake State Park is located in the northern portion of the county