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Yatesville Lake History

Established in 1992

The creation of Yatesville Lake gave eastern Kentucky one of its most popular lakes and state parks. With the impoundment of Blaine Creek, the extreme eastern part of the commonwealth gained its largest lake. Yatesville Lake covers 2,300 acres, has three islands, and averages 40 feet in depth. Known for its cleanliness, the lake is a fisherman’s delight. Bass, bluegill, and crappie abound in these waters. The State Outdoor Boating Association named Yatesville Marina the most outstanding project of 1999.

The lake is located in Lawrence County, formed on December 14, 1821, out of portions of Floyd and Greenup Counties. Named in honor of Captain James Lawrence, the commander of the U.S.S. Chesapeake during the War of 1812, the county is located in the Eastern Coalfield region of Kentucky.

The county covers 420 square miles and borders West Virginia. Charles Vancouver settled in the area in 1789, but Indian hostilities forced him to leave. In 1815 Frederick Moore established a second settlement. In 1822 this community became the town of Louisa. By the 1840s, Lawrence County had a thriving timber industry and in the 1850s, coal became a vital part of the county’s economy.