Kentucky Tourism

Kentucky State Park Hiking Trail Guidelines

Rules and Regulations for Hiking Trails

• Trails are managed as part of the natural environment.
• Visitors must be prepared to meet and accept nature on its own terms.
• Please stay on designated trail.
• Trail is open from sunrise to sunset.
• Do not hike alone.
• Proper footwear recommended. Help preserve the trail’s natural resources.

The following activities are prohibited on Kentucky State Parks hiking trails, unless otherwise noted:
• Campfires
• Horseback Riding
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Rappelling and rock climbing.
• Hunting or disturbing wildlife.
• Collecting or digging for artifacts.
• Picking flowers or harming plants.
• Carving or damaging rock formations and trees.
• Unleashed Pets (must be on leash). Pets are not allowed on trails dedicated as Kentucky State Nature Preserve Lands.
***Pets are not permitted on the Hiking Trails at Natural Bridge, except for the Henson Arch and Whittleton Trails. Most Trails at Natural Bridge are within a dedicated Kentucky State Nature Preserve, and pets are not permitted as a part of the management guidelines. Also, pets are not permitted within the McCreary County side of Cumberland Falls State Resort Park as this area is within a dedicated Kentucky State Nature Preserve.***