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Each of Kentucky’s 17 resort parks has full-service state park lodges with comfortable hotel-type rooms with wireless internet access. Many offer Kentucky cabin rentals for privacy and seclusion amid beautiful wooded settings.

At 31 tent and RV campgrounds in Kentucky state parks, you can have a great time in anything from a pup tent to an RV. All campgrounds feature utility hookups, most have camp stores and five offer sites for guests with horses. Most campgrounds are open April through October (several are open year-round), and you can make reservations up to a year in advance. You can reserve a site for up to two weeks.

Barren River Lake State Resort Park
Lucas, KY 42156
(270) 646-2151
[email protected]
Barren River Lake State Resort Park is a water-lover's paradise surrounded by forested, rolling hills. It is located near Kentucky's famous cave area, including the longest cave system in the world. Lounge by the new sandy beach, take a dip in the cool water at the pool, hop on a horse, play tennis or go boating on the lake, however you define vacation fun, it's here at Barren River Lake State Resort Park. PHONE: 270-646-2151
Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park
Carlisle, KY 40311
(859) 289-5507
[email protected]
Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park is a picture of rural serenity set above the banks of the Licking River in the rolling hills of northeastern Kentucky. Visit the museum, sit by the pool or bring the kids to the playground. Guests can walk the very grounds where 182 settlers, outnumbered and outgunned, fought for their lives in what is thought to be Kentucky's last battle of the Revolutionary War on August 19, 1782. PHONE: 859-289-5507
Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park
Buckhorn, KY 41721
(606) 398-7510
[email protected]
Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, is the perfect combination of charm and seclusion. Every view is a front-row seat to each changing season. Relax at the public beach, complete with a bathhouse complex. Lodge swimming pool available for lodge & cottage guests. From boating to miniature golf, fishing to hiking, Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park has you covered. PHONE: 606-398-7510
Carter Caves State Resort Park
Olive Hill, KY 41164
(606) 286-4411
[email protected]
Carter Caves State Resort Park is home to more than 20 caverns winding beneath its forested hills. Adventure awaits you, above ground and below, at Carter Caves! Swimming pool available to lodge & cottage guests. Begin creating family memories by taking a cave tour, hiking a trail, canoeing, horseback riding or gem mining at Carter Caves State Resort Park. PHONE: 606-286-4411
Cumberland Falls State Resort Park
Corbin, KY 40701
(606) 528-4121
[email protected]
Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is located in the Daniel Boone National Forest. Known as the "Niagara of the South," the waterfall forms a 125-foot-wide curtain that plunges 7 stories into a boulder-strewn gorge. The mist of the falls creates the magic of the moonbow, only visible on a clear night during a full moon.This phenomenon appears nowhere else in the Western Hemisphere! PHONE: 606-528-4121
Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park
Burkesville, KY 42717
(270) 433-7431
[email protected]
Dale Hollow Lake State Resort Park offers a vast, unspoiled wilderness to refresh and rejuvenate the senses. It's no surprise the bald eagle chooses this area for its wintering grounds. From a dip in the pool to our 18 holes on the Dale Hollow Lake golf course, for vacation fun, we've got you covered. PHONE: 270-433-7431
General Butler State Resort Park
Carrollton, KY 41008
(502) 732-4384
[email protected]
Located along I-71 between Louisville and Cincinnati, the park is a fitting tribute to one of Kentucky's foremost military families. Named for General William Orlando Butler, the military family spans from colonial time through the American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War and Civil War. A stone overlook was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the early 1930s so guests can enjoy the same river scenes the Butlers viewed in times past. A lodge swimming pool is available for cottage & lodge guests, current Camper Swim Times 4:00 p.m. -7:00 p.m. PHONE: 502-732-4384
Greenbo Lake State Resort Park
Greenup, KY 41144
(606) 473-7324
[email protected]
Greenbo Lake State Resort Park is located in eastern Kentucky. Park amenities include lodge, restaurant, swimming pool, campground, equestrian campground, hiking trails, biking trials, horseback riding trails, fishing, scuba diving area and more. PHONE: 606-473-7324
Jenny Wiley State Resort Park
Prestonsburg, KY 41653
(606) 889-1790
[email protected]
Jenny Wiley State Resort Park is great for a getaway or meeting – check out the Music Highway Grill restaurant, theater and more.
Kenlake State Resort Park
Hardin, KY 42048
(270) 474-2211
[email protected]
Kenlake State Resort Park is only minutes away from Land Between the Lakes, the US Forest Service's 170,000-acre nature lover's paradise and environmental education area. Located on the Midwest shore of Kentucky Lake, with the longest shoreline of any man-made lake in the eastern U.S., Kenlake is the perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors! A swimming pool behind the lodge is available for lodge & cottage guests seasonally. PHONE: (270) 474-2211
Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park
Calvert City, KY 42044
(270) 362-4271
[email protected]
With the largest marina in the park system, on the largest lake in the state, Kentucky Lake, Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park is the perfect haven for water sports enthusiasts! From a cool dip in the pool to a hike, from reeling in the big fish to hitting the little white ball, however you define vacation fun, it's here at Kentucky Dam Village. PHONE: (270) 362-4271
Lake Barkley State Resort Park
Cadiz, KY 42211
(270) 924-1131
[email protected]
Lake Barkley State Resort Park rests on the shores of one of the world's largest man-made lakes, over 57,500 acres, and provides an array of outdoor and indoor activities. From a cool dip in the swimming pool to a hot sauna, from reeling in the big fish to hitting the little white ball, however you define vacation fun, it's here at Lake Barkley. PHONE: 270-924-1131
Lake Cumberland State Resort Park
Jamestown, KY 42629
(270) 343-3111
[email protected]
With 1,200 miles of shoreline, an enchanting waterfall, and secret coves, you could spend a day or weeks exploring the wonders of Lake Cumberland. Lake Cumberland is a paradise for the water sports enthusiast and offers a full-service marina. PHONE: 270-343-3111
Natural Bridge State Resort Park
Slade, KY 40376
(606) 663-2214
[email protected]
Natural Bridge State Resort Park invites you to experience a truly magnificent and serene natural environment. Come and explore the beauty of natural arches and rugged sandstone cliff lines. Our greatest attribute remains the same: the 'Natural Bridge'. This magnificent arch, which is 65 feet tall and 78 feet long, is one of the most famous natural sandstone arches in Kentucky. PHONE: 606-663-2214
Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park
Dawson Springs, KY 42408
(270) 797-3421
[email protected]
Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park is a picturesque retreat surrounded by more than 14,000 acres of the beautiful Pennyrile State Forest in western Kentucky. Named for the tiny Pennyroyal plant found in the area, the park is the perfect back-to-nature hideaway. Let the sights and sounds of the Pennyrile Forest refresh your senses while exploring your favorite outdoor activities. PHONE: 270-797-3421.
Pine Mountain State Resort Park
Pineville, KY 40977
(606) 337-3066
[email protected]
Pine Mountain State Resort Park is a destination for all seasons. It's located in the heart of the Kentucky Ridge State Forest in the southeastern mountains and features beautiful mountain scenery. From a cool dip in the pool to a hike to see Chained Rock,however you define vacation fun,Pine Mountain State Resort Park has you covered. PHONE: (606) 337-3066
Rough River Dam State Resort Park
Falls Of Rough, KY 40119
(270) 257-2311
[email protected]
Rough River Dam State Resort Park is secluded in the beautiful west central Kentucky countryside overlooking the 5,000 acre Rough River Lake. The avid angler will delight in the abundance of largemouth, white and KY bass, bluegill, channel catfish, crappie and rough fish. Come enjoy a day on the lake or travel the back roads in search of rural artisans and antiques at Rough River Dam State Resort Park. PHONE: 270-257-2311
Big Bone Lick State Historic Site
Union, KY 41091
(859) 384-3522
[email protected]
Big Bone Lick State Historic Site has been named by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as a National Natural Landmark. The park is significant for its combination of salt springs and late Pleistocene bone beds. The site is recognized as the birthplace of American vertebrate paleontology for its significant role in the development of scientific thought regarding extinction and the relationship of geology & paleontology. PHONE: 859-384-3522
Carr Creek State Park
Sassafras, KY 41759
(606) 642-4050
[email protected]
Enjoy the shores of Carr Creek Lake, once home to some of the area's earliest pioneer settlements as early as the 1770s. Visitors to the park can relax amid a chorus of nature in the campground or frolic under the sun at the longest sand beach in the Kentucky State Park system. PHONE: 606-642-4050
Columbus-Belmont State Park
Columbus, KY 42032
(270) 677-2327
[email protected]
Columbus-Belmont State Park is a National Scenic Byway & National Trail of Tears Site. It is also part of the Civil War Heritage Trail. Today, you can still see the massive chain and anchor used by the South to block passage of Union gunboats and the earthen trenches dug to protect over 19,000 Confederate troops. The farmhouse that served as a Civil War hospital is now a museum. PHONE: 270-677-2327
Fort Boonesborough State Park
Richmond, KY 40475
Main (859) 527-3131
[email protected]
When Daniel Boone & his men reached the Kentucky River, they quickly moved to establish Kentucky's second settlement - the site still known as Fort Boonesborough. Fort Boonesborough has been reconstructed as a working fort complete with cabins, block houses and furnishings. PHONE: 859-527-3131
General Burnside Island State Park
Burnside, KY 42519
(606) 561-4104
[email protected]
The damming of the Cumberland River in the 1950s, producing Lake Cumberland, also covered the lower peninsula of Burnside, creating the island that is now General Burnside Island State Park. It has the distinction of being the only island park in the Kentucky State Park system. The park was named for the sideburn-whiskered Civil War general Ambrose Burnside. PHONE: 606-561-4104
Grayson Lake State Park
Olive Hill, KY 41164
(606) 474-9727
[email protected]
Green River Lake State Park
Campbellsville, KY 42718
[email protected]
Enjoy lake side fun at the campground on the shores of the 8,200-acre lake at Green River Lake State Park.If you're a fan of water sports , you're sure to find something to fit the bill, with a sand beach along the lake's edge and a nearby marina offering rental houseboats, ski boats, jet skis and pontoon boats. PHONE: 270-465-8255
John James Audubon State Park
Henderson, KY 42419
(270) 826-2247
[email protected]
Kincaid Lake State Park
Falmouth, KY 41040
[email protected]
A campground, a 183-acre lake, hiking trails, mini-golf and a 9-hole golf course are all the ingredients that make Kincaid Lake a popular retreat for campers, fishermen, boaters, golfers and families. Rent a boat at the marina and fish for largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, sunfish and crappie. PHONE: 859-654-3531
Lake Malone State Park
Dunmor, KY 42339
(270) 657-2111
[email protected]
Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park
London, KY 40744
(606) 330-2130
[email protected]
501 E. Stephen Foster Ave.
Bardstown, KY 40004
(502) 348-3502
[email protected]
Federal Hill was the inspiration for Stephen Foster's famous ballad, "My Old Kentucky Home, Good Night". Today, this Georgian-style mansion is as endearing to visitors as it was in 1852, the year Foster wrote what has become the official state song while visiting his cousins, the Rowan family. Step into the days of the antebellum South as costumed guides escort you through the stately mansion and formal gardens. PHONE: (502) 348-3502
Nolin Lake State Park
Mammoth Cave, KY 42259
(270) 286-4240
[email protected]
Nolin Lake is popular with boaters and fishermen, mountain bikers and bird lovers. Birders travel here to view waterfowl species and the Brier Creek Mountain Bike trail is a favorite among local KYMBA members and visitors alike. Campers will enjoy the Nolin Lake Campground, which opened in May of 2001. PHONE: (270) 286-4240
Paintsville Lake State Park
Staffordsville, KY 41256
(606) 297-8486
[email protected]
Taylorsville Lake State Park
Mt. Eden, KY 40046
(502) 477-8713
[email protected]
Taylorsville Lake State Park is a wrangler's and angler's dream come true! The park sits on 3,050 acre Taylorsville Lake, which was made from the Salt River in 1983. The 2,560-acres park encompasses some of the most beautiful riding country around, just 45 minutes southeast of Kentucky's largest city. PHONE: 502-477-8713 Campground Booth: 502-477-0086.
Yatesville Lake State Park
Louisa, KY 41230
(606) 673-1492
[email protected]
Breaks Interstate Park
Breaks, VA 24607
(276) 865-4413
[email protected]