Kentucky Tourism

Kentucky State Park Safety Tips

We want your visit to Kentucky State Parks to be safe! Here are some tips to help make your visit safe and enjoyable. 


Swim in the designated areas at Kentucky State Park beaches. Do not swim or dive in non-swimming areas.
Always stay within arm’s reach of young children and avoid distractions when supervising children around water.
Take frequent breaks to reapply sunscreen and hydrate during hot weather.  
If you have a health condition, use caution in the water and during hot weather.


Don’t hike alone. Tell someone your hiking plans and when you expect to return.
Stay on the trail and pay close attention to trail markers and landmarks. Know your route, bring a map, and allow ample time to get back before dark. 
Avoid hiking in wooded areas during high winds; there is a danger of falling tree limbs.
Bring snacks and plenty of water with you, especially during periods of hot weather. Remember, a missed turn could add hours to a hike.
Wear appropriate shoes and clothing for the weather and trail conditions.  


Do not allow children to play with fire, grills, camp stoves, etc. 
Weather in Kentucky can change quickly, always check weather forecasts, especially while camping or participating in other outdoor activities. Know where the park severe weather shelters are located.
Keep pets on a leash at all times when outside.
Keep a safe distance from wildlife and don’t feed wild animals.