Old Mulkey Meetinghouse Historic Site

Old Mulkey Meetinghouse

Old Mulkey Meetinghouse State Historic Site

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Old Mulkey Meetinghouse State Historic Site
38 Old Mulkey Park Road
Tompkinsville, KY 42167


Tompkinsville, KY
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Top Five Things To Do

1. Enjoy the peace and serenity of the meetinghouse.
2. Find the Kentucky Rock.
3. Hike the Jackson Memorial Trail.
4. Visit the fairy garden atmosphere down at the bottom of the hill.
5. Test your critical thinking skills with the park quest.

The Old Mulkey Meetinghouse is a log church erected in 1804, making it the oldest freestanding log meetinghouse in the Commonwealth. Adjacent to the Old Mulkey Meetinghouse is a pioneer cemetery with the graves of many Revolutionary War soldiers, Kentucky pioneers and Hannah Boone (Daniel’s sister). If you’re interested in learning about the past, you will enjoy the many interpretative panels located throughout the cemetery. The park’s numerous picnic areas, playground, hiking trail and gift shop. GPS coordinates are 36.677962, -85.703984.

Rental Facilities & Rates
Meetinghouse $300.00 plus $75.00 deposit
Meetinghouse Picnic Point $30.00
Playground Picnic Place $35.00
Entire Bottom of the Hill $70.00 w/ arbor
Park Spring Picnic Place (w/o arbor) $35.00
Shelter $60.00 4 or more hours, $40.00 2 to 4 hours, $30.00 up to 2 hours
Add-ons: Benches $7.00 ea/Cedar Columns $25.00
Reservation Form (PDF) CLICK HERE 

Things to Do
Basketball court and 4-square for public use.

Sandhill crane and Canada geese are visible during their November-December and February-March migrations. Fall brings the redwing blackbirds, starlings and finches. Throughout the year wild turkey visit the Meetinghouse yard and cemetery. Over two dozen birdhouses have been placed in sight of the developed areas of the park allowing visitors to enjoy the comings and goings of their inhabitants from nearby benches or picnic tables. For a list of birds observed at Old Mulkey Meetinghouse click here.

Gift Shop
The gift shop, located in the park office, features books on the history of Old Mulkey, Kentucky handcrafts and souvenirs.

The Jackson Memorial Trail is a moderate .7 mi hike through the woods behind the Meetinghouse. In addition to the sights and sounds offered by Mother Nature, you’ll enjoy seeing the Jackson Memorial Cemetery.

Interested in pioneer history, the restoration era, or your own family’s genealogy? There’s something for you in the records at Old Mulkey. Peruse a copy of the church “book of records” (dated 1798), enjoy the library or leaf through our “family files”.

Enjoy one of the many picnic areas located throughout the park. Picnic areas and/or shelter may be reserved for your next family reunion, wedding reception or corporate picnic. Contact park staff for rates and availability.

Our large playground beckons visitors of all ages to climb, swing and slide! Corn toss boards and bags may be checked out for use during your visit. Contact park staff.

Some call it a scavenger hunt, some an exercise in critical thinking…either way questing is a great way for people to be outdoors while learning about the natural and historical significances of an area! Old Mulkey’s quest, The View from the Pulpit, takes visitors through the old church records, the cemetery, the Meetinghouse and even exploring park signage. Do you have what it takes to complete the quest? All you need is a pencil, a little time and a copy of the quest to find out! The first 500 people to complete the quest will receive a prize. You may receive printed copies of the quest at the park office.

Self-led Activities
Are you in need of an enrichment program for your homeschooler, entertainment for the tweens during your family reunion or perhaps, something to do during your class’s reward trip to the park. We can help! In addition to the park’s quest, we invite you to stop by the office and check out our selection of other “self-led” interpretative activities. The offerings include “Sensing the Park”, “Sound Mapping”, “Cemetery Search and Find”, “Nature Walk Hunt & Find” and more!

The meetinghouse and grounds can be seen free of charge. See Hours of Operation. Self-guided tours are complimented by a recorded audio interpretation during regular park hours. Guided tours by appointment.